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Technology never stops evolving

IT Consulting Company Helping Businesses to Evolve

You need an IT consulting partner to keep pace with technology changes. Wellcode.IO, an IT consulting company, focuses on providing strategic guidance that helps enterprises to adopt emerging technologies.

Empowering your Businesses.

Next-Gen software development.

Whatever it is your IT infrastructure, your product MVP, or software modernization, Wellcode.IO is the right partner. Towards on what we called as a One-Stop-Solutions on IT Services, both in on-premise and cloud infrastructure model.

Mobile app development

Mobile Apps development services.

Our mobile application development process is designed to meet the specific requirements of various kinds of businesses. Being a top mobile app development company, we carry out testing throughout the mobile app development cycle and before the final project delivery.

IT-Retainer Programs

Have A Valuable IT Team Without Hiring Employe.​

With a retained team in place you’re always covered. They work in the background as you carry out day to day business duties and you contact them whenever you require support. This allows you to focus on running your business rather than worrying about IT.


Business administration Software For SME.

Sophisticated, yet intuitive. Powerful, yet simple. Pinterusaha.ai is more than a POS—it’s the center of your business, online and in store.

Sales Analysis Reports

Back Office Power

Back Office provides a variety of sales reports and analysis, you can access them through the browser from any device. Analyze your sales by various parameters such as time, store, employee, payment type and more.

Purchasing System No. +1 for Enterprise

All in one system

More efficient System control. Manage every purchase application from each branch and get the best offers from suppliers. All with just one system.

Inventory management

Fix stock items on the go

Update the stock in one click through the purchase order and send the order to your supplier. The system will calculate the average price of the received goods automatically. Fix stock items on the go.

Multi Acces

Control between employe

You can give multiple staff members access to speed up the change of shifts between them. You can also easily check your sales history and find out which of your staff has accessed your POS account the last time.

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Our Services

Adaptive and dynamic solutions to fit your exact needs

Today, you need to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality IT products and services for your enterprise workflow and your customers. You also need to implement new technologies to stay competitive and meet the demands of modern users.

App Development

Our mobile application development process is designed to meet the specific requirements of various kinds of businesses.

Cloud Solution

Enable Remote Working through cloud computing solutions and Secure data with our cloud services.

Web Design

Wellcode.Io have managed to secure a top position in the list of the best website design companies.

System Integration

It's time for you to work smart, without doing Data Entry Repetitive and Can Generate Information Quickly.

Geographic Information System

GIS is a decision support system with the Territorial Based method.Your data will be more optimal with Geographic Information System

System Information

Information Systems Make it easy for you to Manage Data and Taking Decisions. With an Information System, Your Data Becomes Structured, Easy to Access and Use.

Big Data

Big data refers to the collection of data that is growing rapidly with time. This data is so complex that none of the traditional data management tools can process it efficiently.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things helps people live and work smarter. In addition to smart devices and homes, IoT is also essential to businesses.

Web Design Development

We also Create Websites that empowering your business.

An Underperforming Website can Leave Your Company In the Dust, Your website should be helping your organization build momentum; making your efforts easier and creating new opportunities.

Marketplace Website

Ceade Print

E-Learning System

Kementrian Kesehatan

Our Superior Planning Web Dev

Your website is probably your most important marketing asset. We don’t take that lightly. Here are a few things you can look forward to when working with us:

Highly-Detailed Design

You won’t find anything like them. At our web design agency, we’ve created proprietary proposal software specifically for our clients.

Interactive Client Portal

Project timeline, wireframes, creative assets, invoices, change orders. It’s all there to keep everyone organized.

Responsive Web Plan

We’ll make sure your website looks fantastic on each platform by using elegant layouts and responsive design.

Robust Project Planning

Our typical project checklist has well over 150 action items to ensure nothing is missed

Our Client

Your website is probably your most important marketing asset. We don’t take that lightly. Here are a few things you can look forward to when working with us:

Media Portal, News & Community

Wellcode - Insight​

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Software Self Driving Tesla dalam Pengawasan NHTSA

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An Underperforming Website can Leave Your Company In the Dust, Your website should be helping your organization build momentum

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We also Create Websites that empowering your business.

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